Comments for MoneyLog Experience

This is the comment page for the MoneyLog Experience software.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and tell your impressions about this software.

MoneyLog Experience Screen Shot



  1. Jess Sam Guy said,

    Where is it?

  2. Bob Sander-Cederlof said,

    Unable to find any program to download.

  3. Aurélio said,

    Jess and Bob,

    The program is the moneylog.html file itself. Just click on the TEST IT NOW link and save the page to your computer. Then you edit this file to put your own finantial data.

    That’s it!

  4. Sharaf said,

    Aurelio.. I LOVE THE SOFTWARE. Do you use live messenger? If yes, add me i’ve given in my email. need to ask something.

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