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This is the comment page for the iTunes SED software.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and tell your impressions about this software.

iTunes SED



  1. Mike said,

    Oh, god, yes, oh, THANK YOU for this. Having completely overwriting existing tags be the only batch tag editing option in iTuens was driving me nuts.

  2. Oliver said,

    Thanks a lot for that wonderful script! Without it I would probably be living with bad song names for the rest of my life :-)

  3. Shadowhand said,

    Many thanks. The only recommendation I have for all sed users: sudo port install gnused. There’s really no comparing BSD to GNU sed.

  4. Charles Lee said,

    I’ve been hunting for a script to add Track numbers to the front of Song names, ie. if CDDB found the name of the song to be “Song Name”, iTunes would make the song’s name = “Song Name”.

    But I would like to add the following text “t” to the front, ie. making it “t02 Song Name” (whereby it is Track no. 2 of the CD).

    Any possibilities? I need to do this to 100s of tracks, thus an automated batch script (SED command) would be great!!

    btw, I’m not referring to adding the text to the FILENAME (ie. file on disk). What i need, is to add track number to the front of the Song names that will appear in iTunes.

    Thanks !!

  5. MIke said,

    Doesn’t always work right. I want to remove brackets and parentheses from my album names, but this expression:

    doesn’t do anything. I tried adding the ‘g’ flag to the end, too, and still nothing. So I went into the script itself and changed “sed -e” to “sed -Ee”, and still nothing.

  6. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Mike, the correct SED command to remove brackets and parentheses is:


    See it in action:

    $ echo “a(b[c]d)e” | sed ‘s/[]()[]//g’

  7. Rob said,

    Thanks for the script – every time that I reinstall my Mac, it’s the first thing that I add to iTunes!

    I’ve made a couple of modifications that you may find interesting:
    – Extended REs in sed command (-E)
    – Remember user input

    The first probably makes no difference to most folks, but the second is quite handy when you’re making lots of similar changes.

    Thanks again!

  8. Rob said,

    Updated link:

    (Google Sites doesn’t like spaces in URLs)

    • alptekinsanli said,

      Hi–just a question about regex and gsed usage under iTunes RunScript:

      I’d like to be able to get rid of everything before [:digit:]\., in such ‘song name’s as,

      #24 B-dur, K.182 (173dA) 1. Allegro spiritoso
      #24 B-dur, K.182 (173dA) 2. Andantino, etc. etc.

      (iTunes isn’t classical music friendly at all; but I’ve finally settled on a method to keep ‘title’s clean, while displaying enough opus-information elsewhere.)

      so, I enter:

      gsed -e ‘s/^.*?(?=\d\. )//’

      which doesn’t work; neither does the following work:

      gsed -e ‘s/^.*([0-9]\.)/\1/’

      The regexes are correct, as far as I can check them on TextWrangler. So, what should I write instead?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated; thanks a lot!

  9. Rana said,

    hi…not sure if anyone can help, but i am looking for a script that could remove text between parantheses in itunes. for example, i want “Yodelling Polka (Cooley – DePaul – Soldi)” to become “Yodelling Polka”. any ideas?

  10. Doc Cady said,

    I wish I had thought to search for

    itunes “regular expressions”

    much sooner. This is great!


  11. anonimo said,

    What is the command to put something in fields without content?

  12. Tom Gray said,

    Thanks very much for this. Great idea for a script.

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