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This is the comment page for the iTunes Rename Disk File software.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and tell your impressions about this software.

iTunes Rename Disk File



  1. Charles said,

    I’d be happy to donate for a Windows compatible version of this!

  2. Andy said,

    It’s so quick! Easily the fastest applescript in my iTunes collection. Thanks!

  3. Tonya said,

    I recently bought and IPOD. It tells me to go to to download ITUNES. Well if you don’t have DSL or a Cable Line and only have Dial-Up, it will not download the whole file that you need. So needless to say, I wasted my money because I can download songs from LimeWire, but I have no way of getting the songs to my IPOD. Any HELP would be appreciated!!

  4. Classic Amiga Man said,

    Well Done!
    Great script!

  5. Shadowhand said,

    Great script! Of course I had to make a few personal modifications, but you made that extremely easy too. Many thanks, and may your children live long lives… or something.

  6. Andrea said,

    I’ve been searching for something like this for a LONG time! Thanks, works flawlessly! :)

  7. Séb said,

    Waowww !!!
    Still one script that works perfectly ….. I also tried and donated for iPhoto script … aurelio is great !
    thank for all

  8. John said,

    Hey this is very useful, thanks! Is there a way to add disc number (for multi-disc sets) as a variable? I’d like to put the disc number into the file name when the album has more than one disc total.

  9. Andrea said,

    Hey, I’ve been using your script for a while, but I just installed Leopard and it stoped working :( is there a posibility that you upgrade it to make it work?
    Keep up the great work! It’s the only script that I have installed ;)

  10. David said,

    I too have found that it no longer works with Leopard. Hope we can get an update – it was my most used script!

  11. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Andrea, David,

    An updated version of the script was just released. Now it’s working on Leopard, thanks for the report!

  12. Perry Karipidis said,

    Hi there. Unfortunately, the custom format is not remembered for the next time I use it. I am running Leopard 10.5.2. Other than that, it’s fantastic! Thank you.

  13. Erwin Pijnenburg said,


    I have the same problem with this script that is doesn’t remember the last custum format
    (I also use Leopard).

  14. Zsolt said,

    Thanks. It’s realy good script !!!

  15. khanh said,

    if any of you pc users are looking for something similar try ID3 Renamer, works a treat

  16. stanley said,

    I’m ready for pay anything for a windows version of this! I’ve been searching for something like this for windows… but never found any that does from the iTunes application…

  17. Carolyn Beaton said,

    I am having trouble installing this. I do not have a Library/Scripts/Applications folder.
    Save this file on your “Library/Scripts/Applications/iTunes/” folder.

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