Comments for iTunes Find Artwork-less

This is the comment page for the iTunes Find Artwork-less software.

Feel free to ask questions, send feedback and tell your impressions about this software.



  1. Rafael Gorski Moreno Souza said,

    Hi Verde,

    I saw some courses ministered from you… :)
    Well… I´m trying to use your application…
    This script run only into MAC OSX or I can run using Windows?
    Sorry but the windows is my current OS… :)
    I saw a diretory like:
    \Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iTunes Plug-ins
    But I don´t see diferences into application menus.

    Take care and Best Regards… Rafael

  2. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Hello Rafael,

    Yes, AppleScripts run on Macs only, sorry. But you have some tools to automate iTunes on Windows, check them out:


  3. greg said,

    Is the location still valid for iTunes7? The script doesn’t seem to appear in my itunes script menu … ?

  4. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Hello Greg,

    Run /Applications/AppleScript/AppleScript and choose “Show Script Menu in menu bar”.


  5. chris van winkle said,

    thanks…with apple tv you want all your album art to look cool…the problem…how to find out which of my 8000 songs dont have artwork….your script….genius….!!!!! thanks!!!!!!

  6. Eduardo Ricocha said,

    This is the best: Do what you need, do it correclty:

  7. Centpreette said,

    To me it is necessary to find

  8. Don Sherman said,

    This is a fabulous script … a great timesaver; exactly what I need, and it works flawlessly,

    Thank you!

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