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Adium Book



  1. Lukasz Pogoda said,

    Adium Book is nice application, although I would like suggest two improvemements.

    First, minor: The App window is not scalable — it is a bit uncomfortable.

    Second, major: There is no support for some protocols, like Gadu-gadu.

  2. Erik said,

    I fucking love! LOVE adium book!

    Any betas?

  3. Daniele said,

    Very nice app! I would suggest an improvement too: Skype support. Ok, not an Adium protocol but It will be very useful ;)

  4. Pablo Iranzo Gómez said,

    I’ve discovered this program yesterday, and I like it. I still have to test if after relating addressbook and adium contacts if icons get updated automatically and some minor things…

    If you’re planning to translate it, I can translate it from english to spanish, just let me know and send me the file to translate


  5. Sebastian said,

    Nice prog.
    A Feature to write more information, especially the birthday, from Audium to Adressbook would be a big improval! That is what I was looking for when I found Adium Book. ;)

  6. David said,

    I too would like to see extensible protocol support, as well as support for Combined Contacts – the vast majority of my Adium contacts have accounts over multiple protocols, so this would be very useful.

    Also, the ability to permanently link an Adium contact with an Address Book contact so that it’s updated every time the program is run would be highly useful.

    And is there a way to turn on resizing the window? The lists of contacts are incredibly small when you have more than 300 contacts…

  7. dreamcore said,

    I believe “AB contacts not in Adium” is coming up with tons of false positives because it’s checking with case-sensitivity…

  8. cirrus said,

    Does this work with Adium 1.0.1?

  9. imrik said,

    With me only two things could change a bit. First a window which can be resized freely and second, some kind of support for Gadu-Gadu Protocol (or any else). I can give you a hint: There are some apple-scripts which allow you to use some IM protocols within address book to be used with adium as other protocol with contextual menu. For instance I have script which uses Yahoo! field for starting conversations with GG users from within address book via contextual menu over Yahoo! IM Field and there I keep all my GG numbers.
    It would be really helpful if I could save my GG numbers from Adium as Yahoo! (or any other) in address Book. It’s still OK with me because I can label those contacts with custom label.

    Eater way its a great little application which saves a lot of time.

  10. drix said,

    how about simply synchronizing addressbook and adium contacts? or how do i add addressbook entries to adium?

  11. southendcb said,

    I agree with drix. I want to sync addressbook to adium. it looks like you should be able to do it in the preferences in adium… but call me dumb. if anyone has a suggestion let me know!

  12. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Hello everybody,

    Thanks for all the ideas and bug reports. I’m planning to release a new version in April, so keep the suggestions coming!

  13. Ken Poitras said,

    It’s not intuitive!

    Well, the program is exactly what I wanted and would be extremely beneficial to my 200+ contact list. But when I tried using this software, it did exactly what I didn’t want to happen!

    Speaking from a nerd’s perspective with some programming experience, please follow what the issue is at hand:

    When I used it, and clicked the “Set IM” button under the Adium side of the Adium Book, it actually multiplied the name I started out on first across all the ones I pressed “Set IM” on after.

    Now, I have about 40 contacts rolled up into one name under Adium, so separating them isn’t an option. As far as I know, I’ll have to recreate them in order to separate name associated with the screen name.

    Great idea, but it really doesn’t seem to communicate to me how to use it right off the bat. And in return, I just messed up a bunch of contacts.

    Hope to see some changes in the next version.

    Thanks for your contribution!

  14. Alex said,

    Thank You

  15. aeioeiu said,


    Adium Contacts Not In AB
    AB Contacts Not In Adium

    BOTH reports show MANY false positives because they are sensitive to capitalization and spacing differences.

  16. Vicki Brown said,

    The thing I want is a button that says “Contact this person, using this address, in Adium”

    If I’m in the Address book app, I can control-click on a person’s card, select Adium, and go.

    I want something similar (a button would be nicer than a context menu)

  17. Eli said,

    I would like to request more address-book feature like showing the vcard within adium-book and a delete function to delete the vcard. I would also like to edit the info of adium and addressbook.

    and a better ui…. it is too cramped


  18. Gordon said,

    i would like mutiple select …i dont want to click 1 by 1 …sorry ..


  19. Len said,


    Just installed Adium on my iMac 10.4.10 and I get an error message

    “Adium Book got an error: Can’t make every «class ltct» into type reference. (-1700)”

    Please can you offer assistance, thank you.


  20. nishimu said,

    Nice App.
    I’d like to support “Yahoo-Japan” account. It is just like “Yahoo”. And Adium supports it.

  21. Chester said,

    very nice. I like it

  22. Marc said,

    AdiumBook 1.3 is not working with Adium 1.2b7… Any ideas?

  23. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Yes, the new AppleScript dictionary in Adium 1.2 has broken AdiumBook. There are huge changes to make it work again, please check the fixing status in

  24. Aurélio Jargas said,

    New version 1.3.1 released!

    It fixes all the AppleScript errors, but only works in Leopard… Sorry Tigers.

  25. vorg said,

    But still no gadu-gadu support. This is major IM service in Poland. Without this support i can synchronize about 15% of all my contacts so AdiumBook is pretty much useless for me :/

  26. werutzb said,


    I want to improve my SQL capabilities.
    I red that many SQL books and would like to
    get more about SQL for my work as db2 database manager.

    What would you recommend?


  27. Kræn Bech-Petersen said,

    When can we expect a new version of AdiumBook?

  28. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Hello Kræn, this end of the year is difficult for me, I guess in early 2009 I can release a new version. Thanks for your support!

  29. Jetskyer said,

    hi guys,

    have a little problem here:

    with adium 1.3 i get at the start (of adiumbook)

    if i click at OK, it won’t load any contacts (neither from adressbook nor adium itself)

  30. Jetskyer said,

    ah, it will load adressbook contacts, but not the ones from adium. weird

  31. Aurélio Jargas said,

    Hello Jetskyer,

    Please check if give you some answers.

    I need to know the version of your system, Adium and AdiumBook so I can help you.


  32. Aurélio said,

    New version 1.5 released!

    It fixes the problems with Adium contacts pictures not loading, and works with Adium 1.3 or newer.

  33. Jeff said,

    I’m not sure if this is possible, but I would like it if AdimBook did not include contacts that were not on my contact list. For instance, when I ran the “adium contacts not in address book” report, all the contacts that I have on my blocked list (and do not have on my own contact list) show up in the report. I just want to see the contacts that are actually on my contact list.

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