AdiumBook version 1.4

July 29, 2008 at 9:31 pm (Address Book, Adium, AppleScript, Mac, Open Source)


AdiumBook – Sync Adium and Address Book.


  • Main window is now resizable
  • Full text search for “Find in Adium” and “Find in AB” buttons
  • Fixed AIM spaces on “AB contacts not in Adium” report
  • Clicking contact picture now reveals its file in Finder
  • Clicking Address Book icon brings Address Book app
  • Clicking the sleepy Adium icon checks if Adium is online
  • Clicking the awake Adium icon makes a… discover for yourself! :)
  • Improved the About window and the Help contents


  • Besides the new full text search on the Find buttons, the reports still search only by service. This is desired, because you still need to fill the correct IM field in Address Book for those contacts.
  • Tiger users: This release just works in Leopard. The Adium bug on AppleScript for Tiger was not fixed (see issue #5), we’ll have to wait until the future Adium 1.3 release. For now, you must use AdiumBook 1.3 and Adium 1.1.4 or older.

Download and leave a comment to share your impressions about this release.

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