AdiumBook version 1.3.1

January 8, 2008 at 11:13 pm (Address Book, Adium, AppleScript, Mac, Open Source)


AdiumBook – Sync Adium and Address Book.


  • Code updated to support the new Adium version 1.2 (Leopard only by now)
  • Program name changed from Adium Book to AdiumBook.
  • License changed from “pick your favorite” to BSD.


  • Adium version 1.2 came with a brand new AppleScript support. Although more powerful and flexible, it broke compatibility with previous Adium versions. This demanded huge changes in AdiumBook, a lot of code was rewritten using the new syntax. Starting from this release, AdiumBook will only work with Adium 1.2 or newer. You can continue using the previous AdiumBook 1.3 if your Adium is 1.1.4 or older.
  • There seem to have some issues with the new Adium AppleScript support in Tiger, so this release just works in Leopard. If you’re in Tiger you must use AdiumBook 1.3 and Adium 1.1.4 or older. I hope this limitation will be fixed in future versions. Details…

Download and leave a comment to share your impressions about this release.

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