New contents and scope for this blog

May 22, 2007 at 2:08 am (Uncategorized)

Oh boy, the last post here is from Xmas… After all this silence, prepare your ears/eyes for some noise! :)

This blog has changed its contents. If you’re reading this through RSS, I ask you to take a visit to see it for yourself:

Here are the changes:

  • Not Mac-only: Now we have a lot more softwares on the sidebar. I have added there all the other (not Mac specific) Open Source/GPL software I have done on the last years. So the blog is not Mac-only anymore. But don’t worry, all of them run on the Mac :)

    Note: If you just want to receive Mac specific news, sign the Mac Feed.

  • Developer documentation: If you look again at the sidebar, you’ll see some links to nice documents. These are technical documentation for other programmers. Besides softwares, I like to write text. Most of my documents are in Portuguese, but I’ll slowly change that, adding new items to the sidebar.

  • Not hosting pages: On the past, to save my time I used to host here the pages for all those AppleScripts, with screenshots and information. Now all the software pages were moved to my personal website, on All the sidebar links point to there. Now I have more control on formatting and integration.

  • A news blog: A blog is about news, and now this is what we’ll have here. I’ll centralize here the announces for every new version of my softwares and documentation. So if you want to stay updated, you just need to sign to the Feed for this blog and you’re done.

  • A comments blog: I don’t want to write or maintain a comments engine on my website, so this blog will also hold all the user feedback about the softwares.

So, in short: the softwares are on my website and the release announces and user opinions are here on the blog. Don’t worry, the links will guide you to both sites painlessly :)


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